Orchestrator Login extremely slow with Windows login

In our test Orchestrator the windows authentication is enabled from a long time. However, lately, we are experiencing extreme slowness while logging into orchestrator through Windows authentication. If i login directly by providing username and password which does not require windows authentication, then login is relatively very fast.

The slowness during login with windows authentication have started to appear lately. Request you to confirm, how can we debug it to identify the lag and what is the possible fix for it.


Hi @tgoel28 !
Are you using an Enterprise version ? I already faced troubles with Orchestrator Enterprise version, and the solution was to remove data from sql db (I think it were logs)

Yes i am using enterprise version 2020.10. Log table is relatively small only. If logs were the issue, then it should not work faster with direct login also. Just wanted to understand on it.



Do check your event viewer and filter your logs for services related to UiPath Orchestrator.
It might help you understand what is causing this issue.

Other way round is, you can install fiddler on machine from where you are trying to log into orchestrator.
Fiddler logs will help you understand your network usage and data direction during login proess

I am not aware of Fiddler. Could you please share any related link/steps to perform this activity.

Secondly, in event viewer logs i do not see any specific delay for Orchestrator and Identity services also. It just gives one line of log for each.