Orchestrator login error 200

While trying to login Orchestrator we are receiving following error for users. Could you please help us to find a solution for this issue

Hi @subinoodathil

You might not have the necessary permissions to access the specified folder. Please try to contact your IT team to resolve the conflict.

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Hi @arjunshenoy,
Users have necessary permission and it is working fine until last friday. Also we can sort out the issue by restarting IIS service. But same issue is occur on next day

Dear @loginerror

Is it possible for UiPath team to look into this issue?

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  1. Currently if you load Orchestrator do you see the #200 error? Or you able to login and see the #2812 error?
  2. On the application server can you go to Start Menu → Event Viewer → Windows logs → Application, and see what errors are generated at the same time as when #200 error appears in the browser? The “Source” column should show either “Orchestrator” or “IdentityService”
  3. Did any changes happen last Friday when it stopped working?
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1.Currently I am able to login since I restarted the IIS services. These error screenshot I shared is for two different users who face the issue in morning.
2.Please find log received during the time
Error retrieving AD security groups for S-1-5-21-2199591290-2918272732-2972544528-118903.System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80005000): Unknown error (0x80005000)
3.OS patching happens on last friday.

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Hi @subinoodathil

Please find reason for error.

#200 error: This error typically occurs when there is an issue with the Orchestrator website or the database it is connected to. Some potential causes could be database connectivity issues, server configuration issues, or an issue with the IIS configuration.

#2812 error: This error typically occurs when there is an issue with the Orchestrator licensing or the license server it is connected to. Some potential causes could be license expiration, license server connectivity issues, or an issue with the Orchestrator license configuration.

Kaviyarasu N

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Your system is domain-joined? Users login via Windows authentication?

Hi @yikwen.goo,
System is domain-joined and users login via Windows authentication.

Ok. Does this help?
PrincipalOperationException: While trying to retrieve the authorization groups, an error (5) occurred - News / Knowledge Base - UiPath Community Forum

@subinoodathil Were you able to resolve this? Curious to know how you fixed it. Thank you!

Hi @skyblue1854,

Issue occurs randomly. For the last one week no one reported any issue.