Orchestrator license transfer to another machine & more

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I have several questions related to Orchestrator, Runtime and Studio licensing. I couldn’t found the answer in official UiPath documentation and decided to write them here. Hope you will know the answer.

  1. Is it possible to transfer the Orchestrator license to another server (machine), if the existing machine has fallen and cannot be accessed?
  2. When transferring the Orchestrator license to another machine, the Runtime licenses assigned to the Orchestrator also transferring?
  3. Is the Orchestrator license for a backup/passive region needed in case of Disaster Recovery Active/Passive architecture setup recommended by UiPath?
  4. Can we transfer Runtime licenses assigned to one Orchestrator to another? How?
  5. Are Studio - Concurrent licenses assigned to Tenant in the same way as Unattended Robot - Concurrent Runtime licenses? How can you transfer Studio licenses between Tenants if the license allocation feature in Orchestrator only transfers Runtime licenses?
  6. Is it possible to run licensed Attended Robot on a machine where UiPath Community Edition is already installed?
  7. Is there uninstall and reinstall limit for the Orchestrator, Runner and Studio licenses?
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Yes. Actually this is happening automatically. Suppose you have two machines, M1, M2 both using 5 runtimes and M1 is running consuming 5 licenses. If M1 is down and not sending any heartbeat to Orchestrator it will release the slots. Just turn on M2 and it will acquire those 5 licenses. You will need to have both machines defined in Orchestrator or use a machine template (for attended)

See answer to 1. The licenses are automatically transfered depending on which machine is on or off.

No. The database, therefore the licenses, are replicated. Contact our infra for more details.

Contact our licensing support. In 19.10 you will be able to do it by yourself.

Yes. Check the host licensing feature. About Licensing

It is but we do not support this use case. It is also forbidden for Enterprise usage.

No. But what is the use case?


Thank you! You made it all clear.
Maybe, you should consider to add information about this features to you docs page? I couldn’t find that in your documentation. Especially information about Orchestrator license transfer and Studio allocation.

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