Orchestrator license expired before renewal date

Hello, I can still use orchestrator yesterday but today I suddenly received this strange error telling me that my machine is unlicensed. Can anyone help? Thank you


Just now checked mine and for me also showing same thing only. Are you able to run BOTS or not ?

If you are not able to run then click on Request Renewal and submit request.

Thanks. No. Most functions are disabled.

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Hey guys @lakshman @123_123

I had the same yesterday. This happened after the update.

You can fix it by…
In the cloud page, go to services page and get to edit service.
Then reallocate the free licenses we have for that service.
2 attended robots
1 unattended
And 2 studio named user

Then click ok and it will say its updating the service
Refresh the page in about 1 min and you are good to go :slight_smile:



Thanks bro…will check and get back to you.

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Thank you. It works.

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Does not work for me. Can you share a screenshot maybe?

Ok worked. You need to edit the service. Earlier I just disabled and enabled it. But you really need to assign all the account number again.

Sorry for misreading.


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