Orchestrator License Activation Issue


We have successfully installed Orchestrator and also the studio and Robot in our organization.
The Studio and Robot licenses we were able to activate but for Orchestrator getting the error as shown below

Activation Error Code : - 4304 license status :0,error description: soap couldn`t connect to host

Any suggestion/solution would be really appreciated.

Thanks and Best Regards

Hello there,
Whitelist in the firewall, UiPath licensing server nalpeiron.com

Thanks ddpadil will try this solution and update the result tomorrow.
So is the issue due to the firewall ? any further insights from your experience

Best Regards

Hi sundar,

Usually this error occurs because you’re offline or behind a firewall. You can contact the support team and they can generate the file for you: https://www.uipath.com/contact-technical-and-activations - select “Service request” - “Licensing”.

Note: Make sure you use enterprise email address.

Dear Ovi, ddpadil

thank you very much for your suggestions.
Was able to successfully activate Orchestrator by uploading the license file received from UiPath.

Best Regards