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Hi Everyone ,

Kindly let me know in detail how to check in Orchestrator whether the processes are running in an environment ( Preprod )

Hello @Tilak_Babu_N

Here with environment do you mean orchestrator environment or the application environment.

If you wan to check whether the process is running with production environment, you need to create the job and properly set the assets tagged to prod and you need to verify to which machine you are going to execute.

If youa re using the config file you need to verify, all the config details are mapped to prod.

If the requirement is something different please give more insights.

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I hope you’ve successfully published the project to orchestrator…

after publishing… In orchestrator you have to navigate to the Tenant->Queues->YourQueueName->Click on 3 dots->view transactions

Here you can check the status of a transaction whether it is successful or failed or processing…(Here you can check whether process is running on environment or not)

And also navigate to Jobs->YourProcessName->3Dots->View Logs (From here also you’ll get to know by using logs whether the process is running or not).


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Thanks for the information

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