Orchestrator Jobs API - Input & Outputarguments

Hello All,

We’re currently setting up an integration of an RPA flow in a third party application. Therefore we use the StartJob and GetJobStatus API. This works fine but the InputArguments and OutputArguments are a stringformat instead of following the logical jsonformat. This means that if we want to use the OutputArguments we would have to parse this string and interpret it which is not a great/clean solution. Is there a possibility to show the OutputArguments following the jsonformat? Or does anyone have experience with interpreting the string returned?

As Is:
“OutputArguments”: “{“in_argument1”:false,“in_argument2”:“1234”,“in_argument3”:“123456”}”

How I would like to see it (in jsonformat):
“OutputArguments” : [
“in_argument1” : “false”,
“in_argument2” : “1234”,
“in_argument3” : “123456”

Thanks in advance!