Orchestrator job scheduling in the server


when i scheduling the jobs in orchestrator this error was encountered. if anyone know the reason, please help me.


Hi @nalaka_sajith

Is this our Orchestrator CE (platform.uipath.com) or your own installation?

If it is the latter, please contact our technical support for assistance. It seems like there might be an issue with some databases related to Quartz.

I am using Orchestrator CE and have encountered this problem just barely. I am able to run jobs manually but I am unable to enable/disable scheduled jobs. I have also received a prompt that said “Could not create Quartz job”. Any idea how to get this function of Orchestrator working again? Or why it happened in the first place?

it is the own installation. i have put a ticket.but i couldn’t get a solution exactly.

we have installed the platformInstaller of uipath package. Here also “Could not create Quartz job” encountered.