Orchestrator Job Faulted

Hi Guys!

I’m learning to use orchestrator, and I got this error … any idea why happens this?


I’m guessing your publish.json file in your project folder has the wrong .xaml file for the Main. Can you open that file in Notepad and verify your Main is the correct .xaml filename.


You are right @ClaytonM , that’s the problem, but Do you know how I could keep the changes? because every time that I published this doc project.json is created and the main is wrong.

Hmm, I’m not completely sure. But I did notice that if your file is opened and you edit the .json and try to publish again it reverts back to how it was before. My recommendation would be to close all files associated with the project, then edit the .json, then open the .xaml back up and publish. Hope that helps.


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ok, I will try …

thank you, that was exact the problem and solution after I closed everything I noticed my mistake in the main address, I changed again, I dont know why in the main I must to add 2 but now is working ok

thanks again =)