Orchestrator job fails when the system locks

Can anyone please answer to my query?

I have deployed my process in Orchestrator and scheduled it daily at 9 AM.
My job does the following:
a. Go to the google drive and download the google sheet.
b. Read the google sheet and check birth date of employees.
c. If any employee has a birthday, then “happy birthday” email will be sent to him by keeping other employees in BCC.

Now here the problem is, the machine in which I have deployed my process logs off. Orchestrator runs my job successfully only when the system is logged in, if it logs off then the job fails.

When the system logs off, it goes to the google drive, but doesn’t download the file. Is there any solution for this?

Hi @Namratha_Nayak

Could you tell us a bit more about your setup? Do you have unattended robot licenses?

Hi @loginerror,

I am using unattended robot on CE. In one of the sequence I am trying to download the excel sheet saved in googledrive.
Task I am doing is:

  1. Click on ‘File’ menu
  2. Hover on ‘Download As’
  3. Click on ‘Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)’ option.

Click on File menu works fine, but it fails to hover on ‘Download As’ option. This works if the screen is not locked.

But the thing is I want to run this on a Windows server at 9am everyday, which is locked all the time.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi, Community Edition have just 2 development robot licenses. I’m not sure if you can do what you are trying to do with that license (legally or technically).

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Community Edition will not run as an unattended robot because its robot service is installed per user profile (which means that Orchestrator cannot communicate with the robot service unless you are logged in on that user).

It works only for the Enterprise Edition because then the robot service is installed on the machine and can be accessed by Orchestrator as long as the computer is running.

I hope it clarifies it a bit :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror,

Thank you very much for the info.

In community edition, if Orchestrator cannot communicate with the robot(When the system is locked), then it shouldn’t trigger the job at all isn’t it? Where as my application does half of the task then stops.

It does the following things:

  • Opens the Chrome browser,
  • Opens the related google sheet
  • Click on File menu
    But while hovering on the ‘Download As’ option it fails everytime.

@loginerror Hi. You mean to say, There is no way to run job in locked system from community edition ?

Hi @vasanth8891

It will and it should, but it might have some limitations as far as interaction with UI elements is concerned.

A background process that does not use any UI interactions should work unattended on a locked screen though.

Hi @loginerror

Are these limitations (Interaction with Ui Elements in locked system) apply for Enterprise license too?

The believe the limitation comes from the locked screen. If you have Enterprise installer and the machine wide service, you can create a proper console session with the machine :slight_smile: