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Hello everyone, according to this training: UiPath Orchestrator 2016.2 Training, I´m trying to set Iteminformation collection to reflect real value from excel file (Data Table) … let me be more specific

Information from training:

The ItemInformation field is where the values of the transaction item can be added. This process works similarly to passing arguments to an invoked workflow. Press the Ellipsis button. An ItemInformation window enabling you to create an argument is displayed. Fill in the Value field by entering the information on the first column of the Data Table.

After this, I should be able to see data from DataTable in queue, but in fact, I´m only able to see constant values I wrote as arguments (strings or ints).

So my question is, how to set “Key” which will link all information from DataTable with QueueItem …

Thank you very much and if the question is answered already, sorry for that!

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Hi @jakubvanhara, Bulk Upload Option to load the Queue might help you !

Dominic :slight_smile:


Hello and thank you @599712 Dominic, I am pretty sure it can help. But i dont know how to use JSONConvert.SerializeObject(dt), there is no such a stage as Serialize, only Deserialize. A with trying to write it in code … not sure how it should look

Any ideas?



To describe it more clearly, situation is, input file:

but when I populate the Queue I will get this:

Argument “Nakupni” a “Prodejni” is set as constant string but according to training it should be used as headers as kind of “key ID”. Or am I wrong?

Thank you



@jakubvanhara, use Assign activity with left hand side a string variable string str= JSON convert.SerializeObject(your output data table variable) and then in Add Queue item send this string variable



@599712, well I think something is missing maybe in packages? Because I can use these activities:


although I can´t use any of JSON command (such as Serialize) …



@jakubvanhara, To my knowledge I dont think there is a serialize activity. To meet your demands, just Import Newtonsoft.Json Namespace from Imports section. And then you will be able to use the code in assign activity.

Note: There is no activity for SerializeObject

Dominic Arul Collins V :slight_smile: