Orchestrator Issues when running Assignment 2

I try running my process through orchestrator and it just stops randomly. No error, just that the execution ended. sometimes it gets a little ways into the process before it stops, sometimes it doesn’t get past the login page. I also noticed that my UIPath Robot on my computer flashes and the available processes disappear but it doesn’t show it disconnected. Am I losing connection and that’s causing issues?

Hi! If you try to run this process locally everything works OK?
If you are reading some assets from Orchestrator in the initials steps and the connection is not good then the process will stop. You are working using the framework?

Yep. It was working when I was running the parts I could without Orchestrator, and when I disconnected it worked fine again. Just trying to run the first part where it is supposed to upload each set of data to Orchestrator it keeps stopping. Furthest I made it through was 3 pages. Even though I’m on my work internet connection I can’t seem to get it to work consistently.