Orchestrator Issue on VM

Hello Team,

I have developed an workflow on virtual machine, now i want to schedule it for daily at the interval of 1 hr. I have set up all things on orchestrator but while running the job it gives an following error.


Thanks n Regards,
Prathamesh Patil

Hi @ImPratham45,

Please try the below things:

  1. Delete the .json files in the main project folder and publish the project again, that should generate the files again
  2. Please disable auto-update of packages in dependency manager
  3. Try running the bot again from Orchestrator, if it doesn’t work, try restarting the Robot service and then the Machine altogether

if it still doesn’t work, please do a fresh install of UiPath studio.

This happens when the package version on VM doesn’t match with your development machine package version, on publish the new versions based dependencies and project.json file would get generated