Orchestrator integration with 2 different corporate networks

Hi Team

I have the following scenario with an Orchestrator configuration I hope you can help:

Background info: we have 2 differents corporate infrastructures, in first place Orchestrator Servers and Robot machines are in the network of a Tech provider

Applications are in the customer network, so the robots needs to be launched from Orchestrator to interact with customer applications, be connected to the customer VPN is a must

It is important to say that at this point we have 2 different domains and also usernames for the same machine.

What have be done: We already have a customized network access something like “VPN Tunnel” from which we are able to reach both client applications and orchestrator from the same machine connected of course to the customer network, another important thing we have created a Domain Certificate in the Server as Orchestrator documentation mentioned.


  1. Provider machine connected to customer network in customer offices: No problems, we can reach Orchestrator URL and we are able to connect robots to Orchestrator too.

  2. Customer machine connected to customer network: Here’s where we have the Issues, we are able to reach Orchestrator’s URL throught browser but we receive a Certificate warning and from the UiRobot’s Orchestrator Settings we receive an Authentication error “the remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure” and doesnt allow the connection between machine and Orchestrator.