Orchestrator Installation or upgradation Issues

After upgrading the new version Of the orchestrator getting the below error, please help us to solve this issue.


Pls try with these trouble shooting steps

And if this doesn’t help if it’s an enterprise orchestrator then please raise request to uipath technical team


There can be a number of different reasons for this. Please review your Installation Logs as well as your Event Viewer Log > Windows Logs > Application and filtering for Source=Orchestrator and checking for any errors.

The link provided above is outdated / broken images, but information still generally applies. within your Web.config file you can adjust your httpErrors attribute errorMode="Custom" to reveal more details by replacing Custom with DetailedLocalOnly (Default if errorMode attribute was not provided) or Detailed

With DetailedLocalOnly revealing the errors details if browser from the local host only.
More details about httpErrors can be found in the following article for IIS.

If you can provide more details about the error, we’d be happy to offer some suggestions.

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Thank you for your support my issue is resolved after troubleshooting and adding ‘Integrated security = true’ in connectionString in web.config file

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Thank you for the update! I’ve marked your response as the solution on your behalf.

@codemonkee @Palaniyappan
Hi guys,

Could you please help us to know, after upgrade the orchestrator, have all the process in processes tab but packages are missing and showing (package associate with this could not be found)
what could be the reason? And how I get this packages again in process.

or I have to again published all the process.

What version are you upgrading from and what version did you upgrade to?

From 2018.4.2 to 2018.4.8 as suggested by UiPath support team

Is there a specific reason you that they didn’t recommend upgrading to the latest supported version? 2018.4 and higher is supported to update to 2021.4.

Minor patches should not affect with what you are describing. I performed an upgrade from 2018 to 2019 a couple years ago. With 2019 they introduced Composite Storage and configured using the NuGet.Repository.Type.

Composite stored the package meta data in the database, or you could set it to Legacy which maintained the behavior from 2018 which was the default behaviour if performing an upgrade.

So what we ended up doing was for the initial upgrade we set the type to Legacy and later on we switched to Composite. In doing so, it was easier to re-upload the packages so that the files were in the correct location and the metadata was updated in the database.

As of 2020.10 Legacy is no longer supported and only Composite is available.

I’ll have a think on it and let you know if I come up with anything.

One thought if you are still on 2018 is to check your Web.config file for the value of Nuget.Packages.Path and confirm whether or not your packages exist in this location?

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