Orchestrator Installation issue not found DB and web page

I followed your guides to prepare the environment and install Orchestrator, but I got these issues such as I couldn’t launch the web page and not found the UIPath DB.

So many things that this could be. Easiest option is probably just to clean everything out and re-install paying very close attention to details and pre-requisites.


Thank you for your reminder.
I have done the installation well, but I don’t know how I can log in the platform.
Could you please give me a hint to get this default account to log in?
[Tenancy name], [Username or email] and [Password]

Many thanks.

@Florent_Salendres @ovi what’s default username and password?

Think it’s either default or admin (can’t remember)


Tenant: default
User: admin
password: 890iop

if this hasn’t freshly changed


Many thanks!
I have fixed all issues I met.