Orchestrator Installation issue - Blinking with the uipath logo in the middle of the page - Solution

Issue Details.

Unable to access the orchestrator link and it is just blinking with the uipath logo in the middle of the page


Step 1 : Verify the Application Pool details & reapply

Navigate to:
IIS -> Application Pool -> Advanced settings -> Identity -> Custom Account -> Set Credentials -> Provide Domain\Username & password.

Recycling option of the Application Pool (Right hand side option is available. )

Below screenshot for reference.

Now load the website
Move on to the next step with the previous step doesn’t help.

Step 2 : Verify application pool & Restart IIS

  1. Verify Application Pool Status - Started / Stopped (RUN -> inetmgr -> Application Pool) .It should be Started status & managed Pipeline to be Integrated.

  1. Perform an IISRESET

  1. If possible reboot the server.

Disclaimer: The solution may work for the issue.


I have the same issue. I followed the steps still the page won’t load.