Orchestrator Installation in UiPath Enterprise Edition

Hi, This is regarding on the Installation process of Orchestrator in UiPath Enterprise Server (Trial Edition) on-premise.

  1. Guide me to download the Setup file of Orchestrator under UiPath Enterprise Edition (Free Trial)

  2. What are steps should be followed to install the Orchestrator in UiPath Enterprise Server (Trial Edition) on-premise.

Thank you

Hi @Mohamed_Hijaz,

For this, you can raise a ticket with UiPath using either of the below links:

Or contact UiPath sales team on same.


They should be able to provide instructions on how to get this done.


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Hi Sonali,

Thank you for your prompt reply and the information given.
I Forwarded the same request to UiPath sales team.

Thanks and Regards

No worries @Mohamed_Hijaz,

I am glad I could help :slight_smile:

Now that your query is resolved, I would suggest to mark solution so this topic can be closed so others can benefit from this.


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