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I’m currently deploying Orchestrator in a very secured environment. By this, I mean that every user that access the ORchestrator server should be identified as a “Person” (that exist).

So, since I’m deployjng Orchestrator and me and my team needs to access the Orchestrator Server with this user, we wanted to created a generic user (orch001) and share the credentials in order to access and install orchestrator. Since I can’t get that user, I was wondering how to install it? Should I use my user? what if I delete that user in the AD? the orchestrator will be removed? is there a way to install it centrally on the VM so everyone can access?

What are your recommendations/Best practices when you can’t create an user?

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Any ideas?

Hey @Pemil_Tennakoon
You are the infrastructure master… any thoughts on this? :slight_smile:

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You install Orchestrator on a host with a user that has administration rights, It will create the IIS Site for and will run the pool as a local service account. You will also need the necessary permissions for the database on a SQL Server as the documentation shows, this should be a local user in the SQL Server or a domain service account.

Depending on what you mean by access, there is the Windows OS level access to manage the service and then there are the Orchestrator accounts for users to use Orchestrator, these can be local orchestrator accounts or domain accounts.

I would suggest going through the Infrastructure course on the Academy to become more familiar with the Orchestrator setup. As well if you have an IT department or administrator, I would suggest reaching out to them for assistance.

hi @vilardelld
Sorry for the delay respond ,
Basically its like this. ill answer step by step according to your phara,

As a deployment , you can use to either the SA or separate account create for the main installation (for seperate account you have to ask with your windows Admin and Create as you need , and keep for all main orchestrator work for that account { i prefer better if you keep separate account rather than SA}

when you install orchestrator all the main functionality goes with that account, then why do you need to access orchestrator server by using several users (orch001 as you mention) and there are no purpose.
i hope there are no need of to accessing orchestrator server for other user rather than the ADMIN or RPA infra Engineer.
[if you keep explain more for it we can have better answer]

by deleting your install account nothing happen , so that you dont need to worry about it.

And yes you can use VM , As a Enterprise its better to having it in VM level
use the VM server to install orchestrator.Ther is no issue and also that is the best practices

As again Creating users ,for orchestrator server im not recomending to create multiple users into it, and also there is no purpose ,
Please tell us what is your requirement to log in to Orchestrator server by multiple users .

To installation you have to have 2 servers (App + DB as best practice)
App - orchestrator App Server
DB - orchestrator DB Server

according to your requirement you can keep having Log Server separately as you want