Orchestrator Installation Guidelines

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I am installing the enteprise version of the Orchestrator and have been given a code/key (a random string of digits).

As I am no infrastructure expert, it would be very kind of someone to kindly explain in simple words the following concepts(I have gone through alot of google searches but everything seems very complicated):

Orchestrator Application Pool Settings:

  1. Difference between choosing Identity as Application Pool Identity and Custom account. Are there any security related differences between the two concepts? Best practises?

Orchestrator Database Settings:

  1. Difference between choosing Authentication mode as Windows Integrated Authentication and SQL Server Authentication. Best practices?

License Key

We purchased the license key few months ago. At the moment, I am trying to install the Orchestrator version 2019.4.2 (latest release on 25.04.2019). I got the installer from the following link https://cloud.uipath.com/ Is this the correct Installer?

1- Is the license key specific to a version of the Orchestrator or will it work for the latest 19.4.2 version as well?

2- How can I convert the key with random digits to a license and activate the Orchestrator after the installation is completed using the UiPathOrchestrator.msi file?

Could some kind person explain these concepts in layman terms so that I can understand the basic concept of these two parameters. It would be very helpful and thank you in advance!


Hello @haider8645,
I think it is better to use official documentation for installation.

If there is no information about something you need please also do use official UiPath Technical Support.

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