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Hi All,

I am getting error while opening orchestrator after installation.
It seems generic error like below.

we have installed https redirect , kibana, elastic search and sql server as well

Please help me if any one faced same kind of issue.

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I have faced this kind of issue, in order to solve it you should.

Just go though the prerequisites thoroughly again. (Just to double check)

The issue is cause by the certificate please go through this Link and make sure use import it to the right place and in the IIS too.

Hope this helped.


We’ve encountered the same and went over the Pre-reqs couple times, but still the same error. We created the self-signed certificate and use it when binding HTTPS. We even imported to Trusted Root Certification Authority. Any other guidance is appreciated.

Reviewed Windows’ Event Viewer and found out that “create table” privilege was missing. Interestingly, the database tables are not created during software installation. They’re created during the first web launch.