Orchestrator Installation Error "c, configuration-path is missing"

Hello everyone,

We are about to install the Orchestrator by using the Windows Installer as normal.
Everything works until the setup reaches to the step “Set up Orchestrator-Database”.

A few seconds later, the Setup runs to the error:

"System.Exception: UiPath.Orchestrator.Setup.DatabaseMigration.Console 20.10.8+Branch.support/v2020.10.Sha.1773e0dfaaaa6fa98a8d4f9ebb71b2e5dc327e32
Copyright ¸ UiPath 2020

Required option ‘c, configuration-path’ is missing."

We definetly passed the required permissions to the sql user (db_creator) and we already started the setup using the command line parameter to write a log file while installing.

Unfortunately i can’t find anything helpful in the logfile.

Has anyone one of you already run into the same problem ?

Thanks in award

HI @jan.storz,

Are you on enterprise license or using community license?

If on enterprise license, I would suggest to log ticket to uipath on customer portal to gain response on all your queries related to installation.
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