Orchestrator Improvement - Redirect Pending Job to another Robot

One nice quality of life improvement for Orchestrator. It would be great if you could redirect a pending job over on to another robot. For example, around this time of year we have increased transactions and public holidays, so we add more robots to some jobs and change schedules. If you see a job pending behind one that might run for a while, it would be great to just be able to move it, rather than kill and start manually.

Probably a further improvement, maybe there could be some rules to do this automatically in some circumstances?

How about bots constantly trying to pull pending jobs (JIT) from orchestrator instead of Orchestrator pushing the jobs to the robots on pre-defined job->robot mapping on job creation by a schedule?

It will be nice to have my job executed by any available bot in the defined environment rather than running the job on multiple robots at the same schedule…

Probably a “why not both” situation. I’d definitely agree with you that a pool of “pull” robots just grabbing jobs from a queue would be a nice thing.

Why aren’t you using “per environment” jobs? Next job will run on whatever robot becomes available.

Honestly I didn’t even know it existed! We are still on Orchestrator 2018.2.3 in Production, looks like it’s been added since then, because it is there in our Dev Orchestrator.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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