Orchestrator / Identity Fail To Start Intermittently After A Recycle ( Failed To Load Coreclr. Exception Message: Managed Server Didn't Initialize After 120000 ms )

How to resolve the Exception message: Managed server didn't initialize after 120000 ms received " thrown during Orchestrator / Identity fail to start intermittently after a recycle, how to resolve the error " failed to load coreclr. ?

Issue Description : After an application recycle, the Orchestrator or Identity fail to start back up and displays a Service Unavailable (503 message) .

Resolution :

To solve this, in case it is intermittent and caused by resource exhaustion the following parameter needs to be added to the aspnetcore node in the web.config of the failing product.

<aspNetCore processPath=".\UiPath.Orchestrator.exe" arguments="" hostingModel="inProcess" requestTimeout="00:02:00" disableStartUpErrorPage="true" startupTime="240" ...

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