Orchestrator http request parameters

I am trying to use orchestrator http request and my endpoint is:


I am trying to make to hostname part with arguments.
Any help?


I hope we don’t need to pass the Host Machine name and host name in the URL parameters as you posted above. Can you please post the URL where you got this URL and what is the error you are getting?

This is a filter that i wrote
I am giving hostname from outside as parameter
When i write the hostname part a real hostname it works.
This part.

All i need is to get that valiue via arguments:)

Sorry dude :slight_smile: I don’t understand it. You want to pass it as argument?

Yes :slight_smile:

You can just use an variable and assign entire URL after building that. Then pass it to the Orchestrator HTTP request @dcrt I hope you know it already :smile:

URL parameters, headers and Parameters will be available in the regular http request not in the orchestrator http request I hope.

Ok, will try my best thank you :slight_smile: