Orchestrator HTTP Request - How to use a variable in the RelativeEndpoint


I’m trying to delete TestDataQueueItems using the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity. To achieve this I’m using “/api/TestDataQueueActions/DeleteAllItems?queueName=Test” as my relative endpoint. In this state it all works fine.

My problem comes when trying to use a variable as my queueName. I want a user to be able to choose a queue that they want to delete the items from. But I can’t seem to figure out how to make this work. I tried changing the endpoint to “/api/TestDataQueueActions/DeleteAllItems?queueName=” + {variable}, but that only gave me the error: “Value for the required activity argument RelativeEndpoint was not supplied in activity designer nor in project settings.” Would anyone know how I could get this to work? I’m using Studio community version with a C# project, if that makes any difference.

can you show how you are using concatenation in RelatativeEndpoint parameter ?

Sure thing!

Currently I’ve got it like this

I tried recreated this http request but I got “Internal server error”.
Other requests works fine with concatenation. So I can’t check it on my environment.
If I will find more time I will take check it again.

Ah, thanks for checking though! I’ve since also tried to create the url string outside of the request and store it in a variable, which I then use in the endpoint, but I sadly get the exact same error message. Is there maybe a specific way I could send parameters for the http request?