Orchestrator HTTP request always returns 200

Hi all, I am attempting to use the new activity “Orchestrator HTTP request” - Inputs are 1. JSON payload (“{Name:‘Test123’}”) 2. End point (“/odata/processschedules”) 3. Method=POST - I am getting HTTP 200 as return code always, but the schedule is not being added - Even if I put some junk in the end point field, I get 200. I also tried giving Admin permissions to the Robot in Orchestrator - But it does not work, Any ideas on how to get this to work ?


By default, the robots role in Orchestrator do not have the right to access scheduled (your http request i made under the context of the Robot user in Orchestrator)


@badita, would be worth considering adding possibility to made the HTTP Orchestrator request under a different user?


Hi, Even when I added the “Administrators” role to the Robot, I received the same response of 200, but schedule not added. I also tried creating a role with all permissions and assigned it to the Robot - Still same issue. How can we possibly use this activity ?

what JSONResponse do you get?


Attached is the JSON response string – Notice 200 at the beginning – That is the result code

JSONPayload: “{Name:’Schedule1’}”

RelativeEndPoint: “/odata/processschedules”