Orchestrator - How to kill a job if there is a system connectivity issue between SAP and System A

In Automation process

if SAP is trying to connect to a system A and there is a connection error between SAP and System A
error message " SAP is unable to connect to system A "

How can the process kill the job automatically than a person killing the job in orchestrator ?


Typically, you want to surround each part of the process with a Try/Catch, so when an error occurs you can move to another part through a State Machine or Switch/Decision box. If there is a connection error you can use the Throw activity or just let an error occur, then in the Catch retrieve the exception.Source and exception.Message as desired.

So, after that, you can direct your process to a Clean workspace sequence that closes all apps and anything else you need, then follow with nothing and the process will exit as successful or Throw the Exception that was retrieved if you want the error to show in the end.

I hope this is helpful.