Orchestrator help

Hi All,

Can Anyone Guide me here

i have created the account in orchestrator !!
And I have licence for only Development only ? That too 2 users only.

So i cannot able to create the robot in Reset of the three ?

**In Development section i have created the robot and i schedule the Process and triggering a certain time when my system in open state means it will execute the task **

Note : if my system in Lock [windows + L]mode the schedule Process is not at all happening why ?
Any reason !!! Then after i unlock my system then it will be triggering those task at the time only ?


Hi @RaviDevaraj,
Please check this


@RaviDevaraj In lock mode only Unattended bots work. You are using development bots.

hi @Madhavi_Jaiswal



see the above image licence available only on “Development” only ?
if i connect to any other robots it throws an error ? And licence issues saying ?

Hi @balupad14

in that link notes show the images like this : image

But i am having like this a little difference is there : image

can you able to notice that ?