Orchestrator Get Assets API avoiding my Organizational Unit request

Hi all,

I’m using the activity HTTP request to get all assets from my Organizational Unit (using the REST service: /odata/Assets)

I already know that I need to use X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId = “8” (in my case) on header, as you can see bellow:

But don’t matter what X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId I use, the return is always the same! Even if I use an invalid Organizational Unit, like “3298743298749832”

My problem is, I have 2 Organizational Units, and I just want to retrieve the assets of only one.

The interesting thing is, if I consume the service within Postman, I get the correct return, as you can see bellow:

And this is happening not only on assets API, every API that I use my Organizational Unit, I’m getting all of them regardless my OU.

I’m just wondering this would be a bug… I’m using the Studio Version 2018.1.4

Can anybody help me?

Hi @tiago,
Can you tell me if it’s your own local Orchestrator instance?

Hi @Pablito!! Yes, it is our own local Orchestrator instance!!!

Hi @tiago

Please remember you can always contact our technical support for your own installations of Orchestrator :slight_smile:


Hi @tiago,
could you solve this issue?