Orchestrator for production is different from Orchestrator for non-production. Robot connection issue

Hello! I have the following situation:

Previously, I have installed Orchestrator and connected Robots to it as is shown in the UiPath documentation. The license was for production. Everything works fine.

The Problem appeared when I installed the Orchectrator as non-production (the license file says UiPath - Robot - NonProduction and UiPath - Orchestrator - NonProduction ). It is installed on a different machine from the one for production purposes, of course.

In Orchestrator installed for production I have:
In Orchestrator installed for non-production I have:
The question is:

How can I create a Robot in non-production Orchestrator, so I could connect Studio and Robot to Orchestrator?

Info: The license is activated and the user roles are the same as those in the Orchestrator for production. Also, the user is administrator.

@Palaniyappan , @loginerror , @Pablito any ideas?

give a try on setting the type of Robot:

I don’t have the create robot option. In the Default folder, as could be seen from the photo, I don’t even have the Robots section.

check on tenant / folder levels the permissions and the user/robot associations to the folder

There is only the admin user, that has only one role and it is “Administrator”.

Edit: But there is a difference - in the Orchestrator for non-production the parameters are:
Username: admin
Robot type:
Roles: administrator

While in the Orchestrator for production I have only
Username: admin
Roles: administrator

@ydimitrova were u able to provision license for your non prod runtime… If so please help us with steps we are also facing the same issue.