Orchestrator for Non-Prod Environment

Hello all,

I need to separate prod and non-prod environment. I have 3 questions about it:

  1. If I get a basic orchestrator license, can I subscribe the same orch. license for prod and also non-prod machines? Is this possible?

  2. Or should I purchase another basic license for the non-prod environment?

  3. Is there any Orchestrator license type for non-production?

Thank you!

Hey @ssasmaz

If you are going for three separate then yes you need to buy separately.

Normally 2 Non Production DEV, SIT and 1 Production

Ref - licensing.uipath.com


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Hi @Nithinkrishna

Thank you for your response. By the way, I learned there are non-prod versions for Orchestrator and un-attended robots. For the dev/test purpose, these non-prod version can be used.

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