Orchestrator Folder Access

Hi Team,

  1. Created a sample Queue in Orchestrator
  2. Reading excel file and adding it into the Orchestrator Queue
  3. While running getting the below message
    Message: Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder. Error code 110

My first program in newly installed Studio(2021.10.4). How to provide the folder access.

Hi @Balan

Have a view on the documentation below!


HI @Balan

Check this documentation once

This will help you


Hi @Balan,

Points to check

  1. In which folder you have created the queue classic/Modern
  2. The uipath running is currently accessing which folder you can check that in the very end of the studio. Also refer below video for details


Hi @Balan ,

For the add queue activity if you don’t provide any folder name it will consider the queue name from default folder of orchestrator.

If you create work queue in specific folder in orchestrator you have to provide the specific folder name.

Please have view on the below link it might helpful. Thanks.

Thanks Shikhar. Is there is any demo video which run and show

  1. How to create a folder
  2. Giving permissions to folders
  3. Running a demo process which interacts with studio and orchestrator

This will help many users to understand it better.

Hi @Balan
Please refer below video related to orchestrator folders and permissions

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Yes gone through the video.

I have created a Modern folder say - Basics
Created a role and checked all checkboxes - Super Admin
Assigned Super Admin for the folder Basics
Created an Asset inside Basics folder
All connectivity’s are in green
Error : You are not authenticated! Error code : 0

Studio Version : 2021.10.5
How to see the orchestrator version?
Let me know anything i missed and how to procced

Hi @Balan

click on that 3 dots of top right corner and just hover your mouse where uwill get the version of orchestrator.

Regarding the error can you please elaborate more


Installed Studio Version : 2021.10.5
Orchestrator Version : 2021.11.0

Someone help me out in doing this.

How to install Studio Version : 2019.10.5 (Is there is a way to downgrade?)
And suggest me a compatible Orchestrator version for the above studio version
and how to install it ?

Hi Team,

Any inputs on this ?

HI @Balan

Sorry for the late reply. Just saw this thread…

Have you configured the folder permission so that your machine can also have access to the folder?

You can do this via the following Options

Orchestrator → Tenants → Folders
Select the folder
on the right hand side, click on machines, and add your machine to the folder…

let know if this solves the issue

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