Orchestrator filter issue

Hi all,

I’m using Orchestrator 2019.4.4 and I think it’s since that release that I’ve noticed something strange in the filter of the Jobs section; it seems the filters now have a standard preset which is set to State:all Source:all Interval:last day. These filters can of course be changed but as soon as you navigate to let’s say the Queues section (or any other section for that matter) and later return to the Jobs section, the filters are automatically set back to the above mentioned values.

If I’m not mistaken, in the previous version of Orchestrator the filter settings in the Jobs section stayed the way they were adjusted by the user, even after navigating to other sections and returning to Jobs.

Did anyone else notice this and if so; is there a way to keep the filter set to the desired settings instead of having to manually adjust it every time you navigate away from the Jobs section? Thank you in advance.


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Hmmm that’s a good question indeed
I hope it’s an update in orchestrator that it get backs to its original state once we get out of that tab and get back again to the same
Not only that job tab does this and it inclusive to all tabs as well

Kindly correct me if I m wrong
Cheers @Voltron

In my case, the filters are resetted to their actual whenever we move to some other page and return back to the previous. I don’t see the filters still applied the same after returning to the previous @Voltron . Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Exactly, so this is probably a bug in this Orchestrator version then or am I wrong?

May be that is how the product is build @Voltron. I don’t think it is a bug :slight_smile: . But May be it is a bit inconvenience for the users to select filters again and again

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I have the exact same issue and with plenty of robots running all the time, then its so annoying that I need to change filters back all the time. Please UiPath, find a solution for this in your next update. Its basically basic Excel-filter functionality we are asking of :slight_smile: