Orchestrator Export log file fails

Orchestrator Logs: Export log link works only for last day. Not able to export Last week or Last 30 days logs. Either get an error or exports 1 KB Global-logs.csv file with just the header.

Hi @tmoen

Can you please share more information about the Orchestrator environment and screenshots of the export process failing?
Is this an on-prem or a cloud orchestrator, enterprise or community?

If you change the Time interval under Filters to ‘Last 30 days’ you should see the logs for the interval.

Are you able to see any logs before you export?


You need to set the filters as in below screenshot to export logs.

An on-premise Orch. Yes, I am able to see the log for up to 30 days.
But, when I try to export, get a log file with just the headers, no data.
If the filter is set to All, instead of 30 days, it displays "An error has occurred”.
If the filter is set to last day, the log file is fine.