Orchestrator executed job successfully but no results are refreshed neither web application is visble while executing

Hiall i have ran a job in orchestrator and It was executed in immediately.The status shows successfully completed.But i don’t see the web application while running the job and there are no output results refreshed.

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Could you please check logs of that running job once.

Hi @lakshman this is the log available for running job
Raw message: Object
message: MADA.2749_Dev1 execution ended
level: Information
logType: Default
timeStamp: 2020-03-21T13:00:36.265706+00:00
fingerprint: d8c0bb76-741f-4108-83f9-3c1c187f32a6
windowsIdentity: DRESOURCES\yvadamala
machineName: USE1A-UI-MADA01
processName: MADA.2749_Dev1
processVersion: 1.0.6
jobId: 315c2624-e968-4f05-a1df-b8ef7e227c34
robotName: ROBO1
machineId: 94182
organizationUnitId: 110579
totalExecutionTimeInSeconds: 0
totalExecutionTime: 00:00:00
fileName: Main

Hi @lakshman Thanks for the replu.I was able to fix the issue.I didnt publish main.xml.Thats y i wasnt able to see the output


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