Orchestrator error - #schedule for #process could not start. The stream has been closed


My bot is running with Orchestrator since 2 months. Yesterday, I got an error message mentioning '#schedule for #process could not start. The stream has been closed. ’
I cannot find anything related to this error anywhere. Also, it is not reproducible so I am not able to find the root cause.
Can anybody help?

Below is the screenshot of error:
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Below is the screenshot of error:

One problem could be

If you have specific robots option checked in the schedule, verify if at least one robot is selected to run the job.

Also, does the process run normally when started from the jobs?

We are getting the same error notification(As jsriv1 mentioned) every day at the same time (2:01).

To Answer questions you asked:
Yes! We have checked the specific robot in scheduled. (is this what causing this error?)
Yes! the job runs fine throughout the day.

any update on the below issue?

Hi @sudipmitra82

Any chance you could provide more details? (versions of Studio, Orchestrator, your particular situation and circumstances)

Please also see this post as a possible solution:

Is somebody got the root cause on this alert ?

Hi @Shashikumar_Gv

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The issue is saved and our team is looking into it. Any extra help/information (as mentioned above) is welcomed as it is proving difficult to reproduce/debug.

we got sometimes the same error. The schedules have assigned the robots. The logs are set to Information level. The version of Orchestrator and Studio is 2018.4.6. Those processes usually starting fine.The schedules were stopped for 5 processes at same time 15:01 EET time yesterday:

One update - I checked the jobs and it seems that the processes started but orchestrator the orchestrator created mentioned error. If you will get this error, first check the jobs and check if the process was started.

Community orchestrator seems to be down, see this thread: Unable to get orchestrator home page after i click on service

was there a resolution to this?

Having a similar issue. Seems to be occurring sporadically at later in the night. Jobs running fine throughout the day, then these errors get thrown for triggers not being able to start.