Orchestrator error save image


I have a problem with activity “Save image” when job is started from Orchestrator doesn’t work but i start the job from Studio and it works fine.

My process:
-Take a screenshot
-Save Image
-Send email with image

My error is in “Send email with image”, because the activity “Save image” doesn’t work (in orchestrator) and image doesn’t exist

The process works fine in Studio the error is only in orchestrator


Captura2 does anyone know what it is?

Hi @danielmxrenx - I can think of 2 possible causes :

  1. Take screenshot only did not work because windows was not loaded properly.
    Solution : Add a small delay before take screenshot and see if that helps. If yes then you can use element exists instead of delay.
  2. “E” is not a local drive but network mapped drive and the session which robot takes not have this drive mapped.
    Solution : Specify full network path instead of drive letter.