Orchestrator -error message

  1. Connect the orchestrator
  2. create new schdule add the process.
  3. Display the error message in the Alertsโ€ฆ Can`t define the robot ?


Check this :slight_smile:

Thanks ๏ผŒbut still has problem

Can you try doing the process of provisioning a robot and creating a machine from the beginning and then try to schedule @dogebi ?

i check it

have you tried it already?

Please let me know if it works once you are done with the process

i finde problem , forgeted setting Environment -_-!! ,

Okay ,done

Glad you got it :slight_smile:


Happy to help :blush:

one question: The process run need 30 minute ๏ผŒ

my question is , if setting the schdule time 1 minute repeat , so how to do runing ???

If the robot is running a process,and you scheduled the runs while the other process is running, all the process will be added to the queue and their status will be inprogress. Once the running process is completed, then the next item in the queue will start @dogebi

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