Orchestrator Down With Error "The Transaction Logs For Database UiPath Is Full Due To ACTIVE_TRANSACTION"

What to do when you run into Error stating "The transaction logs for database "UiPath" is full due to 'ACTIVE_TRANSACTION'"?

After running the DB maintenance plan because of the huge data, below error is thrown and the Orchestrator is down.

Root Cause:
This error predominantly means that there are ongoing transactions that have not been committed or rolled back, and the transaction log file has reached its maximum size.

Resolution: Take the following steps,

  1. Verify the available disk space: Ensure that there is enough free disk space on the drive where the transaction log file is located. If the disk is full, free up space or allocate more disk space.

  2. Check the transaction log file size: Determine the current size of the transaction log file. If it has reached the maximum size limit, expand the file or configure it for automatic growth.

  3. Perform a transaction log backup: If not performed recently, perform a transaction log backup. This action allows the transaction log to be cleared, making space for new transactions. Ideally, there should be regular transaction log backups scheduled to prevent log file growth issues.

  4. Review the ongoing transactions: Identify the transactions that are causing the issue. Use database management tools to view active transactions. If possible, determine if any long-running or blocking transactions are present that might be preventing the transaction log from clearing.

  5. Commit or roll back open transactions: Once identified the problematic transactions, work with the stakeholders or developers involved to commit or roll back the open transactions as appropriate. This action will release the transaction log space they are occupying.

  6. Adjust transaction log settings: If the issue persists, adjust the transaction log settings. Consider increasing the transaction log file size or modifying the auto-growth settings to accommodate the transaction workload.

  7. Monitor and maintain transaction log size: Implement proper monitoring and maintenance practices for the transaction log. Regularly monitor the log file size, ensure transaction log backups are scheduled and executed, and address any long-running or problematic transactions promptly.

Note that the specific steps and tools required can vary depending on the database management system (DBMS) being used with UiPath, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. Consulting the documentation or seeking assistance from the database administrator can provide further guidance tailored to your environment.

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