Orchestrator Doubts


I am a beginner to UiPath, I have some doubts about Orchestrator.

1.How to manage the Orchestrator.
2. Different between Orchestrator CE and Enterprise Orchestrator.
3. How to use Orchestrator in our Local Server or machine.
4. what is different between public and local Orchestrator?

Please give me the simple documentation about this.


Have you gone through the academy tutorial on Orch ?

Please go thru the Orchestrator training in the UIPath academy.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @Arunachalam

In addition to the previous responses that suggested a training in our awesome knowledge Academy, I would like to focus on your questions 2 and 4.

The free Community Edition comes with an already installed and managed by UiPath Orchestrator platform. It is accessible here.

The paid Enterprise Edition comes with an installer file that allows you to install your own copy of Orchestrator within your organization. Once again, you can only install your own copy of Orchestrator if you purchased the Enterprise license.

I hope it clarifies a bit :slight_smile: