Orchestrator does not execute all queue items

Currently I try to unserdatand how queues work.
I set up one queue plus a queue trigger. Then I built another process which adds 3 Items to the queue. I expected the queue to execute all 3 items after each other, but the queue only executest the first item and then stops. In addition after the first item is executed, there are still 3 remaining Items in the queue…

Here is my queue trigger:

Here is the queue after 3 items were added to the queue

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Hey @ClemensSteinbauer,

The queue doesn’t “execute” items, rather it holds the item(s) until a robot can come and grab an item from the queue. if your queue items are not being carried out i would look at the bot that is supposed to be grabbing queue items and processing them. Fell free to share a screenshot of that bot.


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