Orchestrator Deploy Processes and View Packages Error

Hi - I am currently completing the Level 2 Orchestrator training and am not able to complete the exercises as I am getting the following error in Orchestrator when trying to deploy processes and see transferred packages in both Internet Explorer and Chrome. As a result, none of my published packages can be seen in Orchestrator.

Can you let me know if this is a system issue or if the error is occurring specifically for me? If for me, how do I fix? Could it possibly be to how the package is being published in the studio?

Just checked and i was able to publish and see the packages in orchestrator. Are you still seeing the issue? I hope you are using https://platform.uipath.com.

Rammohan B.

I am using https://lts-platform.uipath.com/. Should I change to the link in your message? Thanks.

Guess I was in the wrong Orchestrator. When using the link you gave, it now works. Thanks.

Never saw that link before :smiley:. Just curious, where did you get that from?. https://platform.uipath.com is the community version of the orchestrator which you can use freely.

Rammohan B.

I got it from the Academy dashboard which stated the below. I assumed it was the latest for all version thereafter since no other links were included.

A new training environment is available for Level 2 Orchestrator 2016.2 training.

You can find the updated link in the course as well.