Orchestrator data in SQL Server



HI All,
In Orchestartor dashboard we can see the jobs that are currently running and jobs that are pending in queue as shown below, Could you let me know if all these data will be stored in SQL server ? so that if i wanted to create a custom dashboard to show number of jobs running and pending, wait time etc. I can pick up these data from sql server.

Custom dashboard that contains,
JOB name
Job start time
JOB end time
Time in queue


all this data will be stored in SQL, orchestrator is composition of Application server+sql server+elastic search



Thanks again @pathrudu, but currently when we see in orchestartor , it doesn’t shows how much time the job is waiting in the queue (i.e. in pending state) before running, at what time the job came into the queue, but these additional details will also be available to sql server ?


@robert1, the data is available in the SQL Server table Jobs.
We are currently building some sample Tableau dashboards containing, among others, the items you mention above.



In addition to what Sorin said, you also have in the DB Job Creation Time and Job Start time. With these two you can find out how long a job was in Pending state.

I hope this helps!


Thanks @Sorin_Stania, @ovi for your inputs.


Yes all these information are pulled from SQL only.
But I would recommend to build your solutions by using API request rather than on SQL.

The table schema can changed with the version but the API request will remain same(I mean less likely to change :wink: .


Thanks @Jishnu_Kumar , could you explain a bit how we can query with API request.


Hi Robert,

I am pasting the link for our API documnet