Orchestrator Dashboard looks confusing- Need Clarification

Hi Folks,

I have total 6 process out of them 4 process are time base trigger and other 2 are queue base triggers. These all 6 processes runs daily at once.

On the UiPath Orchestrator dashboard graph it showing only for 4 Processes. Also, it is not showing all stats for the last month as I have selected the last month option as a filter.

Please see the below screenshot.

Please help me if you guys have clear understanding about the UiPath Orchestrator Dashboard.

In this chart on dashboard are showing only transaction.
Transaction for UiPath is the item from queue.
So, if you have 2 processes which don’t use the queues you will not see anything in this chart.


Hey @pikorpa , Thanks for the clarification. It helped me :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, do you have any official documentation link? Please share it!

This chart is called ‘transactions’ so if you need official documentation link I believe you need something about transactions and how it works.
Maybe here:

Thanks @pikorpa

Yeah, I am familiar with the transaction.

I was searching for the documentation which has the dashboard related stuff. (For.eg. Which data it shows and what are the filter options).

I thought the thing which you clarified, that should be written in the official documentation of UiPath. So I was asking you for documentation.


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