Orchestrator Customization

this maybe against da rules but WIBNI there was a way to simply brand your org unit with it’s own logo so that each one feels special?

@TAFS_TAFS - Looks like you already did it! Was it simple or hard?

tbh , it was a pain.
took me like 6 hours , since the uipath logo on the banner thing isn’t a standard image , instead they got extra creative and render a collection of svg’s (group) at client

use inspect (context menu in chrome) to reveal that each letter including the square graphic around the ui path is dimensions of an svg

so , i have a script that replaces this with an image of your choice , but only works for v18.4.2 and probably won’t in future versions lol

I’m not sure, but this is against the terms of use… I was trying to do the same :v

Even I have an Idea, if you move to Robots tab, click on any Robot & we have few options to filter the logs (hour, day, week, month). Do we have access or Does Orchestrator allow us to plugin a code that builds a tab in Filter menu, so that we can filter logs based on date.

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Happy to see this idea led to the uploading of custom logo for on-prem

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