Orchestrator; couldnt find uipath.settings file

I wanted to change the loginToConsole option in uipath.settings file. But i couldnt find the file in my system. Any solution to solve this?
Thanks in advance.

This should be saved in the hidden folder ‘C:\programdata\UiPath’

Hi @Sravenco,

Refer this post.
UiStudio.Settings File Not Found

Arivu :slight_smile:


There is only Studio and Robot in my machine and no orchestrator connected.

uipath.settings file is not available in ‘C:\programdata\UiPath’ or AppData\Local\UiPath
Checked in hidden files also.

I am using UiPath platform 18.1.2 version.

Any solution to find the UiPath.settings file and change the loginToConsole option.

Uipath.settings is located in programdata/uipath. In 18.1.x is generated after you make a change in Robot tray for example, change logging level.