Orchestrator Connectivity

Hi Team,

I have installed uipath Studio at home 2019.10.4, now trying to add in ROBOTS i am trying to provide Machine, Name, Type, Domain Name…

  1. Under Type i am not getting the option Development.
  2. Tried to choose the option Studio but not asking for domain/user name pwd.
  3. Choose the Standalone checkbox.
  4. I have the machine number, url in tray but still the status showing as Disconnected in robots

also in this orchestrator i could not find the schedules menu

Need help.

you wont get the option development you have to select studio

@Balan - For community editions - StudioX, Studio, Attended, Unattended, NonProd types available. For development pls select Studio option.

Ok, there is no separate menu for Schedules? How to use scheduler in this ?