Orchestrator Connectivity Issue


I have been encountering an error when attempting to save orchestrator configuration information within the UiPath Robot Service settings. I have made sure I input the correct robot key, machine name, and orchestrator URL, but I am getting a handshake error. The UiPath robot service is sending an invalid packet as displayed in the below screenshot:

I looked in the logs but it seems that only Studio errors are logged and I cannot find networking errors for orchestrator.



my 2 cents

  1. Check event viewer on orchestrator server.
    2 Check the ports for Orchestrator Website (if SSL then 443), In dev I have installed self signed certificate, if you have one you can connect through port 80 (ssl is not mandatory, but not recommended)
  2. Check if port is allowed in firewall settings.

We resolved this issue with the help of UiPath - the underlying issue was a typo in Orchestrator. Always check your credentials carefully and usernames are case-sensitive.

So in general, “unexpected packet format” includes typos in credentials when the Robot Service communicates with Orchestrator.