Orchestrator Connection Timeout with Virtual Machines

Dear Forum Members,
Request your insights on a issue I am seeing while connecting Orchestrator robot with a Virtual Machine Node on VMware Horizon VDI .
I think first time when the Orchestrator is trying to login in to the Machine it is failing to do so and getting a "Timeout " as the boot time of the machine is high during initial set up.
I would like to know from you the following:

  • Where can I find the connectivity timeout settings for Machines in Orchestrator

  • Which protocol is used to connect with host machines (Physical or Virtual).

Any information would e appreciated.
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Welcome back to UiPath forum check for this thread on how to handle slow robot start

Cheers @rudra771


Can you try restarting you VDI and check

Also make sure that your domain credentials are given correct while setting the machine in orchestrator

Hope this may help you